Automate Scheduling Appointments with Teamcal Ai

For many business professionals, there is nothing more frustrating than scheduling an appointment/meeting with a client or customer. For one thing, valuable time can be lost in the process of scheduling appointments, which directly impacts the deadline.
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But what if I told you that you don’t have to? This is where Teamcal Ai appointment scheduling comes in”. With this meeting scheduling platform, you can focus less on setting up meetings and more on other important activities/work.

Automated Appointment Scheduling 

What if you have everyone's “Free time” at your fingertip and in real-time? So no more back-and-forth with customers or vendors. 1-click meeting whenever you want with whoever you want, outside your calendar, outside your company, or even outside your timezone. And what is more, you can share it with your clients, so they can schedule meetings with the rest of the stake holders when they are available. The booking page allows potential customers to select a time that works for them from a calendar. Appointments are automatically confirmed. Reminder emails and text messages are also sent in advance to reduce no-shows and help prospects prepare.

Is Teamcal Ai valuable for all kinds of professions?

Teamcal Ai is meant for Managers and Teams. Operation Managers are using it to connect with vendors, HR Managers are using it to connect with internal stakeholders and candidates, and product managers using it to work with engineering design and customers. Sales Teams particularly love our product because it enhances their daily experience. When meetings are your bread and butter, you cannot ignore a tool that can save 4–10 hours per week. Regardless of your industry or job, a free consultation offer is always a winner. Request for an in-person Demo.

Benefits of using Teamcal Ai

Team Meeting Links: Now you can share a link to everyone's availability in a team in one single place. Want to schedule a meeting with your client? Create a team of Your internal stakeholders, and channel partners and send a link to your client who can see everyone’s free time in a real-time and schedule a meeting with you 

Lightning-fast Meeting Scheduling: The process of requesting, confirming, or canceling an appointment with a company can be a bit tedious when customers must wait a long time to get in touch with an agent. With virtual agents, responses are instant. This allows agents to focus on other aspects of service, such as personalized customer service.

Multiple Calendar Meeting Management: 85% of people have 2 or more calendars. Teamcal Ai allows you to manage all your calendars in one place. No more going back-n-forth between google and office 365 calendars. 

Timeboxing: Do you know how you are spending your time? Are your goals aligned with your calendar? Timeboxing allows you to create a specified slot of time for your goals and let your track it. Our productivity ring will give you daily updates on where are you in your top 3 goals.

Schedule Meetings across calendars, companies, and timezone with Teamcal Ai

Final Verdict:

Scheduling applications are very useful when dealing with many clients, companies, etc. They allow you to add new appointments or view a list of your daily appointments using any internet-connected device (computer, phone, and tablet). Complimentary days and hours are displayed, so customers can also make an appointment directly from the site at any time of the day or night without calling the office.

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