The ROI of Teamcal Ai

The ROI of Meeting Automation

Meetings are an undeniable fact of life in the corporate world. In several contexts, meetings act as a mode of communication to help find solutions to critical problems, maintain company culture, and facilitate teamwork and colleague relationships. Smooth meeting scheduling can boost potential as well as existing customer satisfaction and retention by over 5%. This can, in turn, affect the company’s profitability by about 75%. However, on average today, 20% of a worker’s week is spent on scheduling meetings and that translates to as much as a full day of work per week. Is this time spent justified? Let's discuss the financial feasibility of a Meeting Automation Platform and evaluate its Return on Investment (ROI).

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Introduction: Meeting Automation

Meeting automation platforms allow easy scheduling of B2B meetings and essentially enable you to automate the management as well as analytics of those meetings too. The cloud-based software integrates with other software (such as sales and event software) to eliminate mundane and time-consuming processes such as constant email coordination, accounting for different time zones, etc.

Teamcal Ai is one such meeting automation platform designed to provide you with a seamless meeting experience across, teams, calendars, companies, and even time zones. It helps you schedule meetings between teams and externals working different hours or in another time zone. This, in turn, results in saving you time and helping you keep up with your project deadlines and business goals.

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Teamcal Ai for Business

How Teamcal Ai saves you time and money and helps your team be more productive.

Calculate Your Returns

Compare the numbers with the data specific to your business to view the savings you can realize with Teamcal Ai. A study conducted by Houlihan Lokey in 2019 noted that the Global Unified Communication and Collaboration Total Addressable Market (TAM) is estimated to range from $99 billion to $105 billion, indicating a large and growing market continuing transition to the cloud. Cloud-based appointment scheduling software is estimated to account for 87% of the market revenue share by the end of 2030 and is only estimated to grow thereon.

Here is how Teamcal Ai give 10x return for a team of 11.

# Title Meetings/Week Saving Salary Monthly Saving Annual Saving Annual Cost of Teamcal Ai
1 Manager 24 6 hrs/wk $98k = $50/hr 24 hrs = $1200 $14,400 $480
2 Employee 12 3 hrs/wk $72k = $35/hr 12 hrs = $420 $5,040 $480
3 Team (1 Manager, 10 Emp) 24-40 36 hrs/wk $72k - $98k 144 hrs = $5400 $64,800 $6,240

Based on average salary in Bay Area, California, and 15 minutes savings per meeting on pre-meeting, in-meeting and post-meeting activities, and cost based on enterprise plan of $40/user/month. Request for a custom ROI report for your company here.

Explicit Cost of Meetings

An average recruiter in the U.S. has a salary of $50,700/year. If one can save them 20% of their time by streamlining scheduling, that directly translates up to $10,140 worth of savings for the firm. In addition to this, the U.S. currently has over 200,000 recruiters, which means we could save those firms alone millions of dollars’ worth of time in productivity with a meeting automation platform. Furthermore, the employees get their whole day of work back in their week.

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Expensive Team Meetings

Most meetings tend to have multiple people. Factors such as length of the meeting and number of employees makes these meetings very expensive. These cost the businesses in the U.S. alone a whopping $37 billion annually.
53% of benefits professionals say that they need their firm to make better investments in technology to reduce workload.

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Implicit Cost of Meetings

There are plenty of things to be considered while calculating the true cost of meetings, such as the time and even resources taken to plan the meeting. Time taken to arrange a venue, equipment for in-person meetings, constant coordination for availability and many other factors are hidden costs of meetings. These cannot be avoided but definitely facilitated by using a meeting automation software. Competitive pressure and the after effects of the recent pandemic are making the performance benefits of meeting automation software hard to ignore these days.

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Remote Work Stays

Meeting automation significantly boosts your company’s overall productivity and, with the rise of remote work, helps employees stay connected to the workplace in a stress-free way.

Across the U.S. workforce, remote work has grown 91% in the last 10 years. 62% percent of organizations predict a further increase in remote work.

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After Teamcal Ai

Check out what you’d be missing out on if you did not have Teamcal Ai. The cloud-based software integrates with other software (such as sales and event software) to eliminate mundane and time-consuming processes such as constant email coordination, accounting for different time zones, etc. Meeting management software can’t give you back unproductive hours or dollars wasted, but it can help you streamline the meeting planning processes, increase collaboration and improve the effectiveness of the meetings. So, ask yourself this, why should you really miss out on this opportunity?

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Global Exposure and Inclusive Scheduling

Don’t let the different time zones overwhelm you. Teamcal Ai lets you have your whole team together during brainstorming sessions and meetings. So let your team expand beyond the borders and boundaries of time.

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One click, everything at your fingertips

Bid farewell to the constant back and forth emails about scheduling. Now you can pay full attention to work without disturbing notifications and never miss an important email in a pile of others.

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Save Hours For Your Team

Teamcal Ai can save you over two hours per team per week with the help of our comprehensive dashboards and time intelligence. Think about what that could amount to for multiple teams over several months!

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Need a systemic time management method that allows you to plan, prioritize and spend time on important tasks as opposed to being clueless about the plan for the day? Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered too.

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Teamcal Ai for Business

Learn how Teamcal Ai helps your team be more productive and saves you time and money.

Scheduling conflicts

With our platform, you can relax as your scheduling conflicts vanish. Create and share a meeting link so that anyone with the link can see your available meeting times and schedule a meeting with you. If you are part of a team on Teamcal Ai, you can easily access your team's meeting availability and schedule meetings in just a few clicks. Teamcal Ai also allows you to schedule meetings with people outside your company. You can invite someone to create a free Teamcal Ai account by adding your invitee as an external. Once your invitee creates a Teamcal Ai account, you can both see the available time for each other and schedule meetings seamlessly.

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Prioritizing Client Demands

Your team will have clear and visible goals to meet your clients' demands. By aligning these goals with your calendar, you can focus your energy on the most important tasks. For instance, a sales team can allocate 50% of their time to prospecting, 30% to demos, and the remaining time for training. Similarly, an account team can devote 50% of their time towards supporting top clients. Timeboxing enables your team to focus on what truly matters.

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Helping the team decide how to use their time

Teamcal AI can be a useful tool for aiding the team in decision-making regarding time utilization. Through our Timeboxing feature, team members can allocate dedicated timeslots to focus on their weekly goals effectively. Additionally, they can track and monitor their progress towards these weekly goals.

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Enjoy Meeting Automation with Teamcal Ai

Teamcal Ai is a meeting automation platform designed to provide you a seamless meeting experience across, teams, calendars, companies and time zones. It helps you schedule meetings between teams and externals working at different times or in different time-zones. It ultimately helps you save time and helps you keep up with your project deadlines and business goals. Let us help you leverage time intelligence for your team!

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