Imagine a stress-free day at work

Our Vision

Imagine a stress-free day at Work.

A stress-free day at work, where location, timezone, and calendars are not a bottleneck. Coordinating meetings across teams, calendars, companies, and timezones is just 1-click away. A future of work powered by automation and Ai.


Our mission is to make the world more efficient. We want to help 10,000 teams in the next 5 years because everyone deserves a stress-free workday to reach their full potential.

The Rubik's Cube puzzle of setting up a meeting

Origin Story

I took this screenshot at Bill.com in 2019, where I was working as a UX Lead. I was spending at least an hour every day coordinating meetings with cross-functional teams, contractors and customers outside the company. I could not believe that the calendar - such a cornerstone of productivity - had become such a bottleneck. That is when I decided to do something about it. I joined the Startup School by Y Combinator (which I highly recommend), which gave me the resources I needed to start. The first step was creating a working prototype and showing it to Lakshmi. Then, we got feedback from 25-40 managers we knew. That gave us the needed validation and that's how Teamcal Ai was born. - by Raj Lal (Founder of Teamcal Ai)