TEAMCAL AI App for Webex

Introducing the App integration for Webex Video Conferencing by CISCO

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Get Started with TEAMCAL AI App

You will need a free/paid license to Webex and an account with TEAMCAL AI to use the App.

  1. Get TEAMCAL AI app from Webex App Hub
  2. During the Webex meeting (or in the left Menubar) open TEAMCAL AI from + App Hub
  3. Create Free Account with TEAMCAL AI using the Webex email
  4. First-time user, add your location, availability and Sync your Calendar
  5. The App will automatically sign you in once you have an account
  6. Enjoy Effortless Meeting Scheduling, and have a stress-free day at work

TEAMCAL AI App in the Meeting Sidebar

Schedule meetings while on a Webex Call

Schedule with People outside your Company

Schedule Follow-ups with your partners, customers and vendors in seconds.

Coordinate Team Meetings in Seconds

No need to jump back and forth to the Calendar and avoid the hassle of adding members, finding time etc.

Seamlessly Integrate with Webex Main View

With TEAMCAL AI integration, you can schedule meetings effortlessly from Webex App.

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