Calendar Automation Issues: Expectation vs. Reality

Nowadays, it is so necessary to have all our activities scheduled during the week. And especially if you are a manager, you do not want to run the risk of missing a meeting with a client, or co-workers or being late for an event. For this, we usually leave all the scheduling responsibilities with some automation calendar.
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Some people may rely on the calendar that they have integrated into their Google account. But the more responsibilities you have, the more you realize that it is not enough to be able to handle your meetings. So, you look for automation calendars.

The expectations of using an automation calendar are high. As a user, you put your trust in them. But then you find out that there are certain problems that may appear, and you need to take them into account before choosing an automation calendar.

The most common issues that automation calendars can present are as follow:

  1. You Do Not Receive an Invitation to Your E-mail to Schedule the Meeting

Let’s say that you have already talked on the phone about having a meeting with a client, and you send an invitation by email so that the client accepts and can reserve the day and time that best suits their personal agenda. But time passes, and you notice that the potential client doesn’t respond. What happened? Changed their mind at the last minute? It is a possibility, but the reality is that the client has not received the mail. Although the person checks their spam folder, the email is not there.

This is one of the problems that an automated email can present and that makes the company lose money. The best thing is that the IT personnel check the software from time to time to see that it works correctly.

2. You or the Host Do not Receive a Copy E-Mail of the Meeting already Booked

Yes, you received the invitation, and you even reserved the date your meeting will be, but something happens. There is no confirmation e-mail and very likely the other person has not received a copy of the scheduled meeting either. You check your spam folder, there’s nothing there either. You try several times and the problem persists. Once again, you must ask the IT department to check that the software works correctly.

3. You Can’t Reschedule the Meeting

Last-minute problems can happen and, in those cases, the meeting needs to be rescheduled for another day that both parties agree on. But, when you want to change the date, you realize that the system does not allow it. Something in the program obviously failed, and it leaves you with an uneasy feeling.

4. Your Link Meeting Doesn’t Work

You sent the meeting connection link for an upcoming meeting with your client or clients and when the day comes, the link does not work, making you go through the worst embarrassment. Not only do you lose the meeting, but it is also possible that you lose a client, since he may change his mind and perhaps want to consult with your competitor.

5. You Have Time Zone Problems

Finding the best time to have a meeting with another person is not an easy thing. You have to look at both schedules and see what the availability is. Now, imagine that this person lives in a different state than you, and they don’t have the same time. It may also happen that that person lives in another country, and when coordinating date and time, the calendar does not adapt it to your time so that you don’t know exactly what time to meet. Well, if the time zone option fails, the meeting could turn into a total disaster. You might arrive late, or the other person arrives late, or you simply don’t see each other.

6. You Don’t Receive an Alert for Your Timebox

Probably, in your timeboxing, you have set aside certain hours to carry out activities that you consider to be of the utmost importance. Don’t you think it would be great if you could receive alerts from your timebox? It would be nice if you could customize the alerts for the meeting or activities you will work on.

7. Your Dashboard Is Not Easy to Navigate

Another aspect that you should review before deciding on a meeting automation platform is whether it is easy to navigate or not in the dashboard. You don’t want to waste time trying to figure out where to click. So, if you find a software that presents a dashboard that is simple and quick to use, don’t think twice and choose that one from among the rest.

8. You Don’t Get an Automation Calendar with an Interesting Selection of Emojis

Imagine you need to send meeting messages, but you don’t have a variety of emojis to be able to send a message to appropriately express something. Surely you will feel that you will have to spend your time looking for those images on the Internet to make the message more interesting. But the good thing is that in the case of Teamcal.Ai, you will find the most common emojis according to your type of meeting.

9. You Are Missing an Event in your Calendar

When you check your Gmail or Outlook calendar, there should be a synced copy of the activities or goals you plan to work on there as well. Otherwise, you will need to ask the automation calendar software you use why it is not working correctly and showing the activities.

10. You Don’t Find an Automation Calendar with a Good Price

You find automation calendars that promise you various things, but when you see prices, you have to pay a high sum to have certain benefits. They can offer you a free version, but then you realize that it is very limited and that they are practically forcing you to upgrade to a paid plan if you want complete service. So, you have to consider that aspect and compare which automation calendar software gives you the most benefit, either with a monthly or annual plan.

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Is there a Solution?

Yes, after considering all the aspects previously mentioned. You may start your research of different automation calendars.

There is a suggestion for you: Teamcal.Ai Automation Calendar. Visit: Teamcal.Ai. This automation platform was created especially for busy managers like you. It presents features that make it easy to use and covers the most common needs in terms of automation calendar.

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