January’s Digest of TeamCalendar.ai

Hello 2021!
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Hello 2021!

Check out the STAR of the month, Valeria Klimova, Founder and CEO, Valeria Corporation, and how TeamCalendarAI is helping her team. Learn about Remote Work predictions, and a very special article on how to engage your team members in a remote meeting.

Quote of the Month

“I set daily goals for myself, and it’s really important that I achieve them. I need to have a daily sense of accomplishment. I know if I fall short of those goals that I will never finish”

— Terry Fox

???? Star of the Month

We are pleased to introduce you to Valeria Klimova’s, our star of the month, who uses TeamCalendar from 8 different cities in 5 different countries and who have clients all over the world — China, Uruguay, Belarus, Spain, France, Russia, USA, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Italy, Ecuador, and Latvia.

“TeamCal.ai increased my team’s productivity by at least 20 perсents!” — CEO at Valeria Klimova ESL

Learn more about Valeria’s experience of implementation to her business TeamCalendar.AI in the interview. Check the article here.

Remote Reality

By 2025, an estimated some 70% of the workforce will be working remotely at least five days a month. Click to read the article.

Why Your Team Members Are Not Proactive During Online Meetings?

The main causes why employees might be lacking focus and engagement while on remote call-ins:

  1. Inconvenient work schedule.
  2. Team members have nothing to do.
  3. The meetings are too long or are held too often.
  4. Interpersonal tensions.
  5. Employees do not care.

Check it out on our article of the month.

Welcome on board!

Coming soon Mobile App 1.0 ????

New at TeamCalendar.ai

Guiller Dalit is joining us as a Mobile App Developer.

Gel is San Jose State University Software Engineer undergrad. He has four years of experience in Software Development and currently he focuses on Software Architecture and Design, Back-end programming, and mobile development.

Zoomers and Zoombie’s

Do you know that Zoomers means the millennials (also known as Generation Y) and not the generation that learned through Zoom. And Zoombie is a Person who becomes the living dead by spending all day on video conferences, especially on Zoom. Not to be mixed with each other. ????

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