My experience at Teamcal Ai

Being Part of a Great Team. As a Latina designer and first-generation, I have come a long way from searching for what I love most, and not getting hired as a designer anywhere was really stressful and sad. I was hoping to just finish my degree at UC Berkeley and land a job, but it was not as easy as I thought this was. This was just the beginning. Until I got an email from Raj Lal to get interviewed at Teamcal Ai as a Graphic design marketing intern. This will allow me to develop my current skills as a UX/UI designer and gain new skills in marketing.
image of My experience at Teamcal Ai

I immediately got interested in putting my all into this opportunity that will help me land a job at Teamcal Ai and assist me better in my future goals as a product designer. Raj Lal informs me I will be getting the real work experience I need as a self-starter who has little experience. Even though I am just interning for a startup, it is more than that! I am challenged with the work that is assigned to me, but at the end of the day, it is rewarding, which is very nice.

While being part of Teamcal Ai, My plan is to immerse myself in the position and continue to understand areas that need improvement. I am always curious about new ideas and concepts. Have some familiarity with the ins and outs of the company and find new opportunities to make the team as effective as possible.

How has Teamcal Ai helped me with meetings?

Teamcal Ai helped me search for my next meeting so easily and fast. I am able to connect my google calendar and zoom just like that. As someone who would use Zoom during my undergraduate years, I found it very annoying and frustrating to go back and forth to my emails to look for the zoom link and have to ask the professor for the link itself. With Teamcal Ai, I don’t have to any longer. I find the way Teamcal Ai shows meetings over the next five days, including specific information about the meeting. Therefore, looking for meetings will not be confusing.

How is it working at Teamcal Ai?

At Teamcal Ai, I am supported by a small team who provides feedback on a weekly basis through virtual meetings and communications through Slack. Every Friday we can share our stories and anything related to our work (another favorite of the day of the week). I appreciate having any type of discussion as it feels like we care about each other on the team

Teamcal Ai is a great working culture with a professional team who is passionate about the work they do. As a designer here I am allowed to explore my creativity while using the product colors and theme. I am also encouraged to demo my work for the team. The amount of inspiration that I gained through each project should be one of my favorites at Teamcal Ai. As someone who has no marketing background, I was fascinated by learning something new about the tasks that were assigned to me. The collaboration with the founder and the team was excellent in helping the company achieve its full potential.

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