Schedule Meetings across Companies.

Meetings are the cornerstone for progress. In order for any project to succeed, today you have to include multiple stakeholders inside the company, vendors outside the company, and sometimes customers. How fast you schedule meetings with these people will decide how fast you can finish the project. With multiple Calendars, time zones, and privacy issues, there is no easy way to schedule meetings. Until now.
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The majority of jobs are now offered fully remote which allows users to use zoom and google calendar for meetings. Unfortunately, when creating meetings using these platforms will have many steps which take time and create lots of frustration. Time management is essential especially when it comes to meeting with clients and customers. As for business managers/CEOs, they want to create a meeting that is fast and easy to find and for others to join quickly.

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Automated Appointment Scheduling

“This is where automated Teamcal Ai Meeting automation and appointment scheduling for Team come in.” A truly enterprise platform to schedule meetings across companies, calendars, and time zones. Things have been changing and rapidly growing in today’s age! business owners have been struggling and have now been replaced with Teamcal Ai. Teamcal Ai is a Meeting automation platform for team managers. The ability to connect meetings with Google Calendar and Outlook accounts is quite simple. It allows users to concentrate on important meeting-related tasks rather than organizing meetings and spending time creating them. With Teamcal Ai it has never been easier! The possibilities are endless with 1-click meetings that can be arranged at any time, with anyone outside your organization, and outside your timezone. With the booking page, it allows clients to choose a convenient time from a calendar and it is automatic for appointments to be confirmed. In order to reduce no-shows and assist prospects with preparation, reminder emails and texts are also issued ahead of time.

Some of the Key Features of Teamcal Ai 

Meeting Across Companies 

How many times you have had meetings with External? Probably more than 40% of the time and it's increasing. When you have a cross-functional team on one end and a client waiting on the other. The project deadline suffers. If you find everyone's time in a minute you get going with your work. Otherwise, you are waiting on everyone to return your message for an available time. Make a customized Team Meeting Link and distribute it to your customers, clients, channel partners, and others. There is no need to back and forth between internal and external stakeholders.

Meeting Across Calendars

More than 86% of managers use 2 or more calendars. And on top of that, the Google calendar and Outlook calendar don't work with each other. Teamcal Ai goes through every calendar (both professional and personal) and finds the optimum time to meet for every member of the team. and give you available for the next 5 days. No need to go through the Rubiks’ cube of the Calendar maze. 

Solve the Rubik’s cube to Schedule meetings

Meeting across Time-zones

How many times your time is in multiple time zones? The Calendar gives you availability but will not tell anything about whether it's convenient for them. Teamcal ai pulls out everyone's Time-zone and find the optimum time to meet for 

Human brains cannot comprehend more than two times zones at the same time

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