Success Story

Do you feel like you're having a difficult time scheduling meetings for your customers and clients? frustrated to go back and forth between multiple links? Team cal Ai "makes the calendar more powerful"-Phuc L. managing partner, who has been using Teamcal Ai for meetings which definitely saves so much time. With Teamcal Ai you get to skip those frustrating steps and schedule meetings faster!
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Happy Customers means Business

“TEAMCAL AI increased my team’s productivity by at least 20 percent!”-Valeria Klimova.

With the amount of time saved with Teamcal Ai, you can reach your potential goals in your company and have the ability to stay on top of everything.

What do you like best?

“Setting up multiple links for different types of meetings.”

With TEAMCAL AI you can schedule meetings in either Google Calendar or Outlook in easy steps and automatically no more searching for links and wasting time. Regardless of what type of meeting you are scheduling for such as people outside your company and outside your timezone. For managers and CEOs meetings have been exceptional to create for them to allow to focus on the real work. Luckily, emails and texts will be notified before a meeting.

“I can customize my clients for what I want clients to see available vs. Sr. Partners.” TEAMCAL AI provides a smooth meeting experience. Create multiple links for anyone that includes clients outside the organization, or team members in their company.

What problems Is the product solving and how is that benefiting you?

TEAMCAL AI has so much to offer with a calendar that helps team members, and managers, CEOs to focus on their goals for the week which allows the client to focus on what’s really important. You can see your goals for the rest of the week which will help you as a CEO or manager stay on track with your work and help you succeed with your company. Once your goals are reached you will receive confetti in your calendar. Further, alerts are notified to show how many goals you have accomplished throughout the week. This will allow the client to stay on track and remain focused for the week with no more stress! When creating a meeting it shows the user who is not available and who is available with slots. 

“The best part of TEAMCAL AI is that we can create a team of people, and anytime you want to meet, just click on the team and you see their available time slots.” Valeria

With TEAMCAL AI calendar is done automatically so there will be no staring at your computer for long hours. “Making my calendar more resourceful. I can see what my goals are to work on for the week. I usually get caught up in day-to-day work but this helps me focus on what I need to grow.”-Phulc L. The concentration time slot for your goals is provided by a special kind of meeting that is created in the Calendar when the timebox is saved. “My assistant just shared with people the link with my available hours and set up Zoom meetings at a convenient time for them. And she no longer had to add each meeting to my schedule manually. They were just already on my calendar!”-Valeria Klimova. Valeria used to create twenty meetings a week from a different place which she felt was impossible until she started using TEAMCAL AI for meetings that were across countries.

TEAMCAL AI Customer Success Story