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March 1

Hello, In this issue, how to be super productive you, and why you should prioritize rest over work. And the big news, Teamcal Ai is coming to Zoom. You can find time for everyone and schedule a follow-up meeting while on a Zoom Call. No more struggling with your calendar. Learn more.
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Quote of the Month

“Do the obvious things well” - Sam Altman (OpenAI)

Super Productive You

What If I tell you that you only need to do one small change in your routine to be most productive every day, for the rest of your life. It will not only make you more productive but you will also have a stress free day.


How? Well by making a small shift in your routine. What ever time you are ready to start work in the morning. Next 4 hours just do your real work without any interruptions. Think of it as a Me Time to do your best work. The real work, the work which takes you closer to your goal. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb mode. Move all your meetings for later, and focus to get something done in the first few hours of your day. You might also need to create an environment around you, so there is no disturbing sounds, no one to interrupt you. Tell your team that you don't want to be disturbed till 1pm.


For example if you are into sales, spend time prospecting, or calling your customers. If you are a marketer, spend time creating content, programmer, write code, designer, design. During this time don't spend time with others. Don't meet with any one, don't talk to any one, don't check your email, don't do social media, don't check your phone. Just do the real work. Sounds simple? It is. 


Ideally if you start your day at 9am. Block your calendar from 9am to 1pm, to get real work done. If you drink coffee, breakfast or plan, do it before 9. After 9 focus only on your work and make progress in that even if it starts slow. In the next 4 hours you will achieve considerably. Do the work without any stress. If you do this, you will accomplish something first thing after waking up. That sense of achievement release the stress from your day. There you go, Super Productive You. Thank me later.

The Big Update

Teamcal Ai Zoom App

Zoom is where everyone meets. Teamcal Ai is where everyone's calendar meet. Teamcal Ai brings available time for everyone to Zoom, so you can schedule lightning-fast meetings while you are on a Zoom call.

  1. Schedule Follow-up Meetings! How many times do you have to go back-n-forth from Zoom to Calendar, to find the time of all the meeting attendees and schedule a follow-up meeting? With Teamcal Ai you can easily view your meetings in the sidebar while on a zoom call and schedule a follow-up then and there. No need to go through the cumbersome process of opening the Calendar, adding attendees, finding a time, and adding meeting subjects and details. With Teamcal Ai, one click and you are done.
  2. Schedule Meetings with your Teams. If you are part of a Team at Teamcal Ai, you can easily access your Team's availability for Meetings from the App and schedule meetings in a few clicks. If you have a Pro or Business account at Teamcal Ai, you can create a team, for cross-functional teams inside the company, as well as Team with Externals, for teams with members outside the company.
  3. Schedule a Meeting with Externals. With Teamcal Ai you can also schedule meetings with people outside your calendar right in Zoom. Just invite your partner for a free account of Teamcal Ai using the add button "+" at the bottom of the Team Calendar page. Once they sign up for Teamcal Ai, you both can see the available time for each other and schedule meetings seamlessly.
  4. Block a Time in Your Calendar: You can also find your own available time and block a "new meeting" for yourself quickly while on a call. This helps you to block time for action for your current meeting.

Zoom members can use Teamcal Ai for free. If you want a Team account signup at Teamcal Ai. The plan starts at $20/month/user.

    Teamcal Ai Zoom App in Action


    Prioritize Rest over Work!

    Working long hours creates a temporary solution that lead to permanent problem.

    1. Understand why do you work long hours. Is it because "Well, everyone else is doing it.", “If I want to succeed, I need to put in the time.”, “I have to prove to others that I’m a hard worker.” or is it "I like being busy. It makes me feel important.". Or do you think "I can get more done". Think again. a balance day need 7-8 hours of sleep, and have 7-8 hours of real productive time. 
    2. How can you prioritize rest? 
      • Gain self-awareness.— instead of long hours prioritize your work and spend your productive hours on them
      • Regain control over your time.—know that working long hours is not normal. it impacts your health and it spills over the next day.
      • Redefine “leisure time.”—Know that the sole purpose of leisure is not to help you work more but to enjoy your time on things you love.
      More here

    On the light side

    That my friend is not too far in the future, a DALL-E illustration of a "manager riding on a futuristic space car going towards the sunset, digital art". Cool ?????

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