October 27 2023

Teamcal AI 2.1 Version is packed with unique Features
image of Teamcal Ai - The AI Meeting Scheduler

The AI Meeting Scheduler is Here

The latest version of Teamcal Ai comes with the following features

Solopreneur Account 

We now support individual accounts on top of Team accounts. We have 3 plans for Individuals - Basic, Sync, and SyncPro.

Three new individual accounts for Solopreneurs

Our Basic Plan starts at $4.99/user/month and includes

  • Unlimited Appointment Booking
  • Unlimited Meeting Link Sharing
  • Meeting Dashboard
  • Teamcal Ai App for Zoom
  • Email Support
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Our Sync Plan starts at $9.99/user/month and includes all the features of Basic and the following

  • Unlimited number of Calendars
  • Collaborate with External Teams
  • Team Meeting Link Sharing
  • Email and Chat Support
Teamcal AI now supports accounts for busy individuals

Our Sync Pro Plan starts at $19/user/month and includes all the features of Sync and the following

  • Timeboxing
  • Productivity Ring 

Meeting Central

The latest version of Teamcal Ai now includes a new Meeting Central. The one-stop place to schedule all your meetings. 

  • Meet Any member of the Team, or complete Teams in 1 click
  • Meet all your clients and customers in one click
  • Meet with Style with Meeting Type. Grab a coffee or welcome a team member
Meeting Central for all your internal and external scheduling needs

Timebox for Today

Our timebox tool now has a new Today feature to align all your goals and todos for Today and plot it directly in the Calendar.

Timebox helps you align your Goals with your Calendar
  • Manage Your Time for Today
  • Plot your Goals directly in the Calendar
  • Create Todo’s and assign time for them in the Calendar

Share your Scheduler Tool

Your Scheduler can now be easily shared as a link, be embedded in a web page, or be a part of a popup button. Anyone can now find your time and schedule a meeting with you on your website.

Share Your Scheduler
  • Embed your meeting Link on your website
  • Create a Schedule button to popup your Scheduler
  • Share by Email or just copy to the clipboard


  • With the Time Distribution graph, you can View how much time you are spending in Meetings and goals and how much free time you have
  • Meeting Analytics shows how many meetings and how much time you are spending with each individual
Meeting Analytics at your Fingertips

With Teamcal Ai Solopreneur accounts you can use Teamcal Ai without a Team, Meeting Central will get all your schedulings in one 1-click, and you can now share your Meeting Scheduler as well as Team Scheduler in a web page. Timebox today will take you to new heights of productivity. And Insights so you know exactly where you are spending time. So what are waiting for Schedule a Demo here. https://id.teamcal.ai/i/go/discovery