April 19 2024

Super excited about our TEAMCAL AI version 2.2 Launch! Serena Bai Ravi Kumar Tanti Mykola Lopushenko Bryan Christiano Raj Lal Aakancha kumari Xuan Yu Sai H Liu Bhavi Patel Youhao Chen Yossi Feinberg Scott Matthews Prakash Goswami Hesam Jafari Kevin Dick Minrui (Iris) Feng
image of TEAMCAL AI version 2.2 is here!

With the latest release, you can do the following:

  • GPT AI - Let AI generate your calendar Invitation
  •  Meeting Chain - Invite people to join your Group Calendar
  • Back to Back  - Schedule Back to Back Meetings with team members 
  • Themes - Add a personality to your meeting link
  • To Do Graph - Find time spent on your To Do List.
  • Meeting History - View a history of meetings with your clients

and more... request a demo at https://teamcal.ai/getdemo or just message me. 

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