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Do you want to know what will be the winning move for your enterprise with the market today rapidly transitioning and booming with new tech? The Meeting Automation Platform. According to recent studies, meeting automation platforms (MAP) is the next big thing in the market; an industry that is expected to grow by over $3 billion by 2023.
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Let us explore more in order to answer all your questions and help you leverage this intelligence for your business.

Scheduling meetings in this day and age has become a necessary evil in the workplace, all while costing firms an exorbitant amount of time and money. However, do you still use the conventional spreadsheets and all the task folders to manage all the meetings; from all-hands, one-on-ones, brainstorming sessions to status checks?

Ta-daa! You can replace all of this with a Meeting Automation Platform.

In simple terms, a meeting automation platform is a category of software that automates workflows starting all the way from pre-meeting planning to post-meeting follow-ups. Introducing a MAP can help increase the number as well as the quality of strategic meetings in an enterprise. Spreadsheets are no longer adequate to manage large volumes of strategic meetings. The MAPs provide great ROI and even increase meeting efficiency up to 200%.

Thus, let’s understand the benefits and features of Teamcal.Ai to help you make the right decisions for your enterprise.

Teamcal.Ai is a Meeting Automation Platform for Modern Team Managers and its fundamentals are based on the idea of doing away with the limitations of manual scheduling processes that make it difficult for enterprise executives to increase engagement and drive revenue pipeline. Teamcal.Ai helps your team align their marketing goals with the sales goals in turn saving time and resources. It also helps increase collaboration by keeping the entire team on the same page and making scheduling meetings an automated and error-free process. Teamcal.Ai uses analytics to track progress toward specific business objectives and helps you to timebox your goals. From Google and Outlook Calendars to Salesforce, Teamcal.Ai integrates with a range of major enterprise solutions. Learn more about all the new interesting features and stay tuned with our latest release.

The ROI of Teamcal Ai — How Meeting Automation can save your team $64800 per year
The ROI of Teamcal Ai

It is time to get really smart about integrated meeting automation and realize that it is the best way forward. Leveraging a MAP provider offers an automated, focused, and integrated alternative to your team to efficiently enhance B2B interactions and so much more.

If you want to be a part of the change and drive your ROI through automation; be sure to check out The ROI of Teamcal Ai. Play the winning move!

Teamcal.Ai. Making the world more productive, one team at a time.

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